The Rules

Rolle Bolle is a Belgian game. It is played on alleys made of finely crushed limestone which generally is tried to be rolled in a way to make them as fast as possible. Each alley is 12 feet wide (6 feet on either side of the stake) and the stakes are 30 feet apart.

You play by rolling your bolle, on the ground, to a stake that is set 30 feet away in such a way that you land as close to the stake on the opposite end as possible.

The catch is that the bolles are beveled, so when you roll to the other end it won’t be in a straight line, rather at an arc, The arc and speed of your roll will determine how close to the stake at the other end you will get.

Now, part of the strategy in the game includes shooting. To shoot a bolle means that you roll your bolle, this time in a straight line, with enough force as to either make their teams’s bolle the closest bolle or to move a rolled bolle out of the way so their team can then roll a close bolle.

Generally, a team is made up of 3 players, however a team can easily be made up of 4 players as well. To start the game, a coin is flipped and the team that wins the flip leads by rolling one of their bolles to the other end.

Until the other team beats that bolle, either by rolling closer than your team’s bolle or by shooing out your winning bolle thereby making the other team;s bolle the closest, your team has the winning bolle.

Each bolle that is closer that the other team’s closest bolle on the end scores a point. The most points on any end that is played is equal to the number of players on your team. Typically, the first team to 8 points, when playing 3-on-3, or the first team to 10 points, when playing 4-on-4, wins.